It"s Either Me Or Her

Rayne is getting the chance of a lifetime to live out her dream as a newly signed R&B singer at A-Town Productions. She is beyond ecstatic to be given the opportunity of plans to sing her heart out and tour the world. What she doesn't plan on is falling in love with Chase Montgomery, one of the hottest producers in Atlanta, GA. Upon meeting him, there is an instant attraction between the two. She can see herself being with someone of his caliber. He’s sexy, rich, humble and very supportive of her, but there is one problem. He already has a live-in girlfriend. 
Chase has been in a relationship with Brooke for five years. However, they’re not exactly what one would call the couple of the year. The only thing that’s keeping them together is the love they have for their son. However, Chase wants out, but Brooke refuses to let go. Brooke is disheartened to learn that Rayne has all of her man’s attention, but she’s not going down without a fight. In the midst of all the drama, secrets are revealed that are destined to shatter everything surrounding them as Chase is left in the crossfire of Brooke’s wrath. 
Will Rayne stand by the man of her dreams or will she have no choice, but to walk away from everything that she’s worked so hard to achieve? This is a deceitful tale with a jaw dropping ending that is sure to leave you speechless. 
Find out what happens when two women are both in a race for one man’s heart in, It’s Either Me Or Her.

Pain Is Love

In this monthly series, the pages are filled with drama, lies, and deceit. With love sometimes comes pain and you'll be surprised by the person that inflicts it. With so many secrets being kept, each story will have you anxiously turning the pages, wondering how everything will unfold.

A note to readers: This is where my book Secrets come from. 

Champagne For The Pain 4: The Aftermath

Everybody’s favorite couples from Champagne For The Pain and One Woman's Trash Is Another Woman's Treasure series are back to take you on one last final ride. Savion and Tara are happily married with six kids. They’ve been through a lot just to get to where they are at now. Tragedy strikes again and now their marriage is tested in a major way. Will they be able to survive all the drama that is about to come their way or will this be the end of them for good? When unforeseen circumstances leave Kevin to raise Jazara's and his newborn son by himself, all he wants to do is to be a good parent. But Jazara's sister Andrea is not having it and don't want him anywhere near the little boy. Would Kevin be able to raise his son in peace or will Andrea make his life miserable? Maria is dating a new guy named De’Marco, but is she really happy with him or do she still want to be with Kevin? Zander and Jayla's relationship seem to be going well so far. That's until the past, insecurities, a jealous ex and new temptations start to take a toll on it. Will Jayla finally get over her insecurities and realize that Zander really love her for her? Will Madeline accept the fact that Zander don't want to be with her anymore? Is Zander a changed man and really done with his player ways? All these questions and many more will be answered in Champagne For The Pain: The Aftermath.

A note to readers: I recommend reading Champagne For The Pain series first than One Woman's Trash Is Another Woman's Treasure series than this book.

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