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Love Is Color Blind

Donald was the epitome of humble. He was a hardworking man who's caring traits described who he was perfect. He considered himself a great father, and he'd thought he was a great husband as well until his wife abandoned him and their children to follow her dreams. It hurts him to be without her, but she had plans that didn't include a family.

Tanya didn't know what it was to be without. She'd come from money, and she had parents who'd always had it all. She'd struggled with who she was for a long time. Without being considered one of the pretty girls, she often dated men whom she allowed to use her for what she possessed.

While traveling, she bumps into Donald who automatically categorizes her with his selfish, and materialistic wife. Tanya tries her best to grow on him, attempting to show a different side of her.

Will Donald ever fully let go of his wife to give Tanya a fair chance? Or will his tainted emotions steer him clear of her?