Tara Carter is a misguided young lady who suffers from low self esteem. Her insecurities play a major role in the poor decisions she continually make. 
Her first love, Savion Santiago, breaks her heart. In return, she leaves him only to find herself jumping from one bad relationship to another. After being physically abused and taunted, suicidal thoughts began to plague her mind. As Tara loses hope, a handsome new man enters her life seemingly accepting her flaws and all. However, Savion still lurks in the shadows, regretting the day he ever hurt her. Will he fight to get her back or has Tara found true happiness with her new beau? 
When a woman scorned is deeply distressed, drinking Champagne for the Pain becomes the key to solving all of her problems OR it will either lead her down a very destructive path of no return.

Champagne For The Pain