The characters from Champagne For The Pain are back with more drama, secrets, and lies. 
Tara is faced with a big dilemma. She's pregnant by one man while engaged to another. Will Tara tell Savion that she's pregnant with his baby? Or, will she continue to keep the secret from both Kadon and Savion. 
Savion is done chasing Tara. After she has chosen to stay with Kadon, he decides to move on for good. Ivy is his new book and she's thrilled to get a second chance with him. Will he find true love with her or is Tara's place in his heart irreplaceable? 
Kadon has always been a player, but it seems as if he has met his match with Tara. Will she be able to make Kadon change his doggish ways? 
In part 2 secrets will be revealed, hearts are going to be broken, the trust will be questioned and an old enemy will return to add a little something extra to all the drama.

Champagne For The Pain 2